August 7, 2018

Where do you look for wisdom? 


This life is full of choices. Will I workout today? Will I eat In n Out for the third time this week? Will I go see that friend that has been on my heart? Will I trust God with this situation? Will I buy that makeup I’ve been saving for? Will I be faithful to Gods house? Will I be intentional with my life? Will I get a job? Will I go to college? Will I go on a missions trip?




We make small seemingly insignificant choices everyday. I made a choice 15 years ago to marry my high school sweetheart and it changed many of the choices I make today. I made the choice when I was 17 years old to answer God's call to ministry and that one simple choice has set me on a journey I couldn’t have planned for myself! 


In life we’re faced with choices. 


My question for you is how do you make sure you’re using wisdom while making those choices? Do you ask peers? Do you google it? Do you ask your parents or mentors? Do you find it in the Bible?


James 1:5 says “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God,who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you”


My six year old son gets easily frustrated when things don’t work the first time. Much like his Momma. I always remind him, “Jayce, if you just say Mom please help I’ll be glad to help you.”


Don’t make these choices alone. Find someone you trust, who's life has shown wisdom and ask them how they got there. If you want to be in ministry ask someone who has been in ministry a while. If you want to be in a healthy marriage ask someone who has one! Seek the wisdom and counsel from God's word.


I was privileged to grow up with two parents who have now been married for 38 years. Whenever I come to a question regarding my marriage I ask them. More times than not they have been right where I am, and they are more than happy to help us find the answer. 


I remember coming home from our honeymoon and I unloaded all of MY clothes from MY suitcase and when my adorable husband got home he emptied his clothes on the guest bed. I probably let those clothes sit there a good two weeks and I asked My mom, “Mom, am I supposed to put HIS clothes away too?” She said “honey, did you go to work today?” She already knew the answer and I knew what she meant. I was putting those clothes AWAY!

Now I could’ve made a huge argument over nothing or just asked advice and saved myself the headache! 


Proverbs 11:14 says “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety


Have you ever gotten a test from a teacher and they said it was open book? Instant relief! That’s what Gods word is, an answer for your problem. 


Many of us hit potholes in life simply because we fail to ask for wisdom! God WANTS to give us wisdom, He wants you to succeed in the purpose He has for you. He is your creator, your Father and He knows best! 

When you find wisdom, you find a treasure, FOLLOW THE MASTER'S PLAN! 


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