Fuel the Fire Internship is a two year discipleship program designed for young people who have a heart for ministry. What makes our internship unique is that, while our schedule is rigorous, our interns are still able to attend our local junior college or hold a part time job. Our goal is to immerse these young people in the things of God, while still preparing them for aspects of life outside the Church.



​The schedule of the internship is similar to that of a school year, with scheduled times off. Every Tuesday and Thursday are considered our "days in the office". During these days we have "Pastor's Hour", where we meet together with our leaders and dive into the word or leadership principles. On Tuesdays we spend the day preparing for youth service through video, set up, and campus ministry. The schedule looks like this; 

Monday: School/Work day

Tuesday: Youth set up/Office day

Wednesday: School/Work day/ Youth Service

Thursday: Global University/Office day

Friday: School/Work day

Sunday: Ministry day



​During the internship, we provide Global University, a weekly bible school that will allow you to pursue a license into ministry through the AG when you have completed our program. These mandatory classes will be offered on Thursdays.  In order to pass the program, you must also pass Global University classes, which are comprised of in-depth teachings of Biblical principles and practical skills on church operations.



​​$2000 per year

Payment plan:

-$800 minimum down by August (start of year)

-$600 down by November

-$600 down by February

*This is considered your ministry cost. It covers all of your Global University expenses as well as the multiple trips that we take throughout the intern year. 



​We have a host-home program in place where we connect you with a family in our congregation who welcomes you into their home. This is so that you can live in a safe environment, without the pressure of rent or dorm expenses every month. Moving forward, we hope to provide intern housing for a nominal cost where it is set up more like a dorm experience. More information to come. 

Take a look at past and present Intern Classes.

Fuel the Fire has been priveledged to impact young men and womens lives for the past several years. Below you will see the founding class in 2009 all the way to our current intern class. Fuel the Fire is a legacy. Fuel the Fire is a family.


"The Fuel the Fire Internship has truly changed my life. I decided to join in August of 2013 when I realized that I wanted my life to mean something. I wanted my life to matter. I didn't just want to do "good things", but I wanted learn about God, grow as a leader, and see what God could do with my life when I truly gave Him everything. So far, God has never disapointed me when I choose to trust Him."

Brooke / Children's Pastor




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